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Trip of a Lifetime, Pharaohs & Pyramids

I just returned from a three week land/cruise trip to Jerusalem and Egypt with Viking River Cruises. WOW is all I can say. There are not enough adjectives to describe this experience. 

Viking took care of every detail from meeting us at the airport in Tel Aviv to saying goodbye at the Cairo airport.  5 star hotel accommodations in both Jerusalem and Cairo, knowledgeable and personable guides and fabulous excursions are just a few of what made this trip beyond anything we could have imagined.

Touching the Wailing Wall, visiting the Holocaust Museum, the Dead Sea scrolls, Marc Chagall’s windows at Hadassah Hospital are highlights of Jerusalem.  A modern city with religious history at its center!

And then on to Cairo, a city of 20 million with history dating back thousands of years.  The first sight of the Great Pyramids at Giza is indeed breathtaking. Throw in a camel ride then touching and sitting on the pyramids is awesomeness times a million.  These are things you saw in text books as a child in school! 

Viking flies you to Luxor where you board your ship (58 passengers max) after visiting the Karnak Temple.  A hot air balloon ride crossing the Nile is one of the excursions not to miss! Sunrise over the Nile, beautiful.  Visit the Valley of the Kings where 63 tombs have been discovered. Exquisite hieroglyphs beyond description greet you in every tomb.  And then it’s cruising the Nile for 8 days, stopping along the way for more unbelievable sights.

Our Egyptologist guide was with us our entire stay in Egypt, traveling on the bus with us, sailing with us, making sure our needs were met. He referred to our group as family which is what we became! Friendships that will surely last a lifetime.

Special thanks to Clara Nagar at AZ Travel Center for booking this fabulous trip for me. Clara has handled my travel experiences for many years and I know I will always get the same attention to detail every time. She is the BEST!

June Horton